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How the Digital Workforce Takes Advantage of Document Automation Solutions

As the volume, variety, and most importantly the value of information continues to rise, the responsibility for Information Professionals to bring...


The Forrester Wave™ ECM Content Platforms, Q3 2019

Forrester recognizes Alfresco ECM as Content Platform Leader

Alfresco Software has been recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as a ‘Leader’ in The Forrester Wave™ ECM Content Platforms, Q3 2019...


The Insider’s Guide to Alfresco’s On-premise and Cloud Deployment Strategies

Alfresco’s On-premise and Cloud Deployment Strategies.

Chances are that there are many factors involved in the decision-making process of any ECM solution for large corporations. The likelihood is that every...


Turning the Alfresco Digital Business Platform into a Managed Service with Alfred

Alfresco is not only a software, it’s also platform; which means someone must manage it. Alfred is our Managed Services software for Alfresco that provides 99.9% availability and 95%...


Architect for the Cloud with Alfresco

How to cut costs and increase agility with content services in the AWS cloud

There’s no doubt about it. Cloud is the future of ECM.

According to Forrester, 90% of organizations...


Automating Content-Centric Processes in Insurance

The new insurance customers are better informed and more demanding. They are more likely to switch providers than ever when unhappy with the service they are receiving or if they simply find a...


Alfresco Managed Services

Manage Alfresco Digital Business Platform with Alfred Software

To lower down Alfresco’ total cost of ownership and increase the agility and scalability of the digital platform, Xenit launches Alfred Suite.



The Business Case for Alfred Desktop

Let workers continue to work in the way they used to
Alfred Desktop is an application that works alongside Alfresco to provide a user interface that is familiar to 90%...


ECM solutions in Insurance

ECM solutions in Insurance: enhancing digital capabilities across the Insurance life-cycle isn’t complex as it seems.
Xenit has helped insurers of all sizes re-architect their organizations to be more agile...


About Xenit Solutions – Alfresco System Integrator

Alfresco System Integrator Belgium
Xenit Solutions is a Belgium-based IT company, and an official system integrator partner of Alfresco, the Digital Business Platform. Xenit focuses on content services solutions, covering...


Insurance and Document Management System | Infographic

Digital Insurers: you need a content and process services management
Insurance is a highly competitive business and every day insurers are faced with an ever-growing volume and variety of information...


GDPR: 7 challenges for securing your documents

GDPR for unstructured data: 7 challenges for securing your documents
Several companies may be well on the way to define how to handle GDPR compliance for structured data. But many...


Alfresco Metadata based access control

Metadata, role-based access control is simple to maintain, very expressive and it works dynamically.
Classical Access Control Lists (ACL) systems, like the one in Alfresco, are powerful for fine grained...