The availability of proper monitoring is crucial to keeping systems up and running and performant. In this talk, you will learn how to keep a close eye on how your Alfresco solution is performing using tools like Prometheus, AlertManager and Grafana. Discover how to add your own metrics and define an alarm for your Alfresco customizations.

Our speakers, Thijs Lemmens, Daan Kerkhofs, Roxana Angheluta, have collectively over two decades of experience working with Alfresco and monitoring performance.

Thijs has a decade’s experience of working with large document archives and the importance of monitoring for health and performance. Currently, he is in charge of the Xenit product portfolio.

Daan is an Alfresco engineer at Xenit, and is maintainer of several open-source Alfresco integrations like Dynamic Extensions, Alfresco Health Processor, and Alfred Telemetry.

Roxana is an Alfresco engineer at Xenit, focusing on monitoring numerical metrics via Prometheus and AlertManager, log monitoring via Elasticsearch, and Kibana. She has developed the Solr module for Alfred Telemetry and is currently working on better health checks for Alfresco and Solr.

In one hour, our hosts will share:

  • The importance of monitoring your Alfresco infrastructure
  • Using Prometheus, AlertManager and Grafana.
  • How to add your own metrics and define an alarm for your customization.

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