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Next Generation Archiving and e-Presentment

Featured speakers


Toon Geens

CTO at Xenit Solutions



George Parapadakis

Strategy at Alfresco



Tim Nelms

VP at Crawford Technologies


Do you waste time trying to track down vital information in your archive? Are you sure the readability of your paper archive is guaranteed in the future?

Large companies count customer communications in the hundreds of millions, if not billions, which means archives can grow to enormous sizes. Then, it might be time to move to a fully digitalized archiving solution.

Customers want to receive important communications through the channel of their choice and often on demand. So you need a customer communications management system that’s fit for your purpose and optimized for digital.


Take-aways from the webinar

  • Crawford Technologies, Xenit, and Alfresco offer a migration pathway for organizations whose legacy print archives no longer support their customer requirements. And who are looking for a new approach that will help them deliver the first-class experience their customers demand.
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