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How to increase users' productivity with Alfred Desktop and Alfred Finder

Featured speakers


Thijs Lemmens

Chief Product Office at Xenit



Lars Vierbergen

ECM software engineer at Xenit

To cope with overwhelming increases in documents, emails, and other communications, more and more organizations are embracing a structured, centralized approach, such as Content Service Platforms. Unfortunately, companies still struggle with broad user adoption. In implementing Content Services technology, we fundamentally change the way an individual or group does their job


Take-aways from the webinar

  • User adoption is at the core of the Return of Investment of the Alfresco Platform
  • To increase the users’ productivity you need to provide them with the right tool and let workers continue to work in the way they used to
  • Embed your Alfresco within and across your enterprise’s systems
  • Last but not least, the Alfred Desktop subscription includes Alfred Finder at no additional costs
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