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Driving full-scale productivity and collaboration with the Alfresco connector for Microsoft 365 & Teams

Featured speakers


Ronny Timmermans

CEO at Xenit Solutions



Yann Coulon

Solution Engineer at Hyland


We live in an exciting and busy time! As we try to navigate a rapidly changing and complex workplace, little things can make or break our experience—including the tools we rely on.

As cloud adoption increases, many organizations are migrating from desktop-based Microsoft Office to cloud-based Microsoft 365.

With Alfresco, users can extend the benefit of Microsoft 365 and Teams to relevant content across the enterprises, increasing productivity and collaboration while maintaining a single source of truth, access control, and compliance standards.




Take-aways from the webinar

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Alfresco collaboration connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams
  • Learn how to increase user productivity by having a native integration with Microsoft 365 web applications allowing for seamless collaboration inside and outside the integration
  • Discover how to enrich collaboration by allowing teams to seamlessly access and share content in Alfresco from within Microsoft Teams
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