We live in an exciting and busy time! As we try to navigate a rapidly changing and complex workplace, little things can make or break our experience—including the tools we rely on.

As cloud adoption increases, many organizations are migrating from desktop-based Microsoft Office to cloud-based Microsoft 365.

With Alfresco, users can extend the benefit of Microsoft 365 and Teams to relevant content across the enterprises, increasing productivity and collaboration while maintaining a single source of truth, access control, and compliance standards.

Explore all the benefits of the Alfresco collaboration connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams in our free webinar.

Microsoft 365 connector

Featured Speakers:

  • Ronny Timmermans – CEO @Xenit Solutions
  • Yann Coulon – Solution Engineer @ Hyland


  • January 26, 2022, at 3:00 pm CET

Take-aways from the webinar

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Alfresco collaboration connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams
  • Learn how to increase user productivity by having a native integration with Microsoft 365 web applications allowing for seamless collaboration inside and outside the integration
  • Discover how to enrich collaboration by allowing teams to seamlessly access and share content in Alfresco from within Microsoft Teams