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How do you secure an electronic signature? eSignatures & eArchiving

Featured speakers


Hans Graux

ICT Lawyer at time.lex



Eric Peeters

Sales Manager at Connective


Digitized services have been with us for many years already, and looking at the lessons we’ve all learned in times of COVID-19 and working-at-home, the benefits and possibilities are universally clear. But is the picture really complete? If you’ve ever looked at available tools, services, laws, or even functional requirements, you’ve probably asked yourself: does this meet my needs? Does this comply with legal requirements? Is it safe? What will happen when I need this information many years from now? Will I be able to find it, and will it be accepted as evidence?



Take-aways from the webinar

  • Understand what’s legally and technically possible but you’ll also be introduced to some of the solutions that are leading the digital shift today
  • The legal framework for remote signing and for eArchiving
  • Building user-friendly and advanced solutions for identification, digital signing & eArchiving
  • eSignature, eArchiving, and document management: an effective solution to preserve and manage your data
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