Webinar: Ronny Timmermans and Toon Geens discuss about all benefits of integrating Alfred Edge in your Alfresco architecture


On September 19th, join us for a webinar where you’ll learn about the benefits of effectively integrating Alfred Edge, a single point of access to Alfresco, to simplify and decouple your architecture. You’ll benefit from expert advice and strategies on improving visibility of all API access to Alfresco, enabling performance tuning and providing data quality, auditing and reliability. A live Q&A will follow the webinar where you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions.


What you’ll also learn:

  • Centralized authentication, with Single Sign-On support for secure access controls, enabling users to access Alfresco without ever entering their credentials in the browser
  • Improve tracing visibility with Zipkin and diagnostic capabilities
  • Alfresco load balancing and resilience