Join our webinar and discover the testimonial from our customer Stadtwerke München and the new powerful functionalities of Alfred Desktop (FRED) 3.6. 


 Three reasons why you should join our webinar:

  1. By joining our webinar, you will find out how Alfred Desktop – Alfresco Certified Technology – can enhance your end-users Alfresco desktop experience and turn them into power users.
  2. The users will get a familiar working environment and benefit from the handy features supporting their day-to-day interaction on documents without any need for extensive training.
  3. Finally, Alfresco is moving from SMB to WebDav. Doesn’t fit your use case? Register for the webinar to discover how Alfred Desktop is your alternative.


During the webinar, we will provide you with:

  • An overview of how Alfred Desktop brings Alfresco closer to your end-users working environment.
  • An extended testimonial of Stadtwerke München on how Alfred Desktop solved multiple challenges encountered and brought a new Content Service horizon.
  • Live demo of Alfred Desktop 3.6 super-fast navigation and dynamic search including all new functionalities.

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