We would like to invite you to join our webinar “A practical solution for securing your documents under GDPR.


In the last months, organizations have been working hard to prepare to the GDPR. Now, few days before the due date, it’s time to act and execute all best practices we have learned, so far.

During this webinar, we won’t provide you with another iteration of the key GDPR requirements, but we would like to demonstrate you a practical solution. In details:

1. Manage GDPR information: The demonstration aims to show how to detect new or existing personal information across a range of locations and formats, how to apply appropriate security and protection from internal and external risks and how to manage the entire life-cycle, including sharing documents within the team or third parties. 

2. Align to business departments: From HR to Finance, to Marketing and Sales to Operations, each department will access and process personal and sensitive information. During the demo, we will show how to set up GDPR roles based access control to personal data.

3. Monitoring: Implementation of security controls, monitoring and auditing to manage GDPR content. 

A case study about DPA (data processing agreement) will be also showed, testifying that comply to the regulation is not impossible. 

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