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Xenit provides open source solutions for management and legal preservation of your documents. Since 2007 we have been building solutions based on Alfresco. Open source is in our DNA. It allows us to build functionality faster functionality for our customers or reuse functionality for our customers, with great reedom for the customer and Xenit. In 2023, we will bring we will bring a proprietary product for the management and legal preservation of documents, called ContentGrid. ContentGrid streamlines document-oriented processes for the SME and the multinational corporation.

Even though we are very proud of our national and international client base (P&V, Ethias, Agfa, BNPPF, City of New York, …), the critical success factor is the loyal and local talent that builds on the growth and prosperity of Xenit.

No Challenge to big

One of the biggest challenges in our path was the migration of an ING archive to Vivium (part of the P&V group) in 2008. In 6 months, we loaded 10 million documents into 4 Alfresco servers. In addition, in cooperation with NSI a scanning facility with good of cover sheets. Thanks to this successful project P&V and Xenit have become pioneers in the use of object storage technology, today known today as the S3 protocol from AWS. Not a single document has been lost since then. And today, the counter stands at 120
million documents.

Efficient and secure storage of documents

if open source was our guiding principle, then our mission is ball together in “mental clarity at high speed. Where Microsoft 365 shines in terms of document creation and collaboration, at the same time a challenge arises in managing and retrieving these documents. Sites are growing like crazy and documents are sinking into a sea of information. ContentGrid helps preserve and access documents securely and efficiently after their active lifecycle. Documents are organized and managed around central concepts (customer, product, complaint, contract…). Those concepts are also the cornerstones of a simplified access control system. Customers can easily design and adjust their model as insights evolve. ContentGrid is available to members of Voka at interesting launch terms, with integration of artificial intelligence.

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