Alfred Finder lets you find your documents, preview your documents and process metadata. It is an optimized application framework packaged as a full UI and usable as components for 3rd party application integration.

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Optimizes Your IT Processes
Fast to build and with a customizable design, Alfred Finder increases your productivity. Use iframes to embed parts of the Finder application in your custom web application. Build your own web applications using our React components.
Alfred Finder Optimizes Your IT Processes
Eliminates Wasted Time
With its search speed and simplicity plus its web accessibility and cross platform design, Alfred Finder lets your users spend their time doing the job at hand instead of searching for the needed content. You also have the power to integrate and display other data sources like enterprise Soir search.
Alfred Finder Eliminates Wasted Time
Supports Business Growth
Alfred Finder’s power lets it scale with your business. It is usable as components for 3rd party application integration and it’s easy to maintain and refine.
Alfred Finder Supports Business Growth


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