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A Gradle plugin to build Alfresco Docker images with extensions.

Gradle plugins and tasks to support Alfresco's development.

Alfresco Repository images built and maintained by Xenit.

Docker image with JDBC drivers, so you can switch to an alternative JDBC driver at runtime.

Alfresco Share images built and maintained by Xenit.

Alfresco Solr images built and maintained by Xenit.

Apache Tomcat Docker images built and maintained by XeniT.

OSGi based hot-deploy functionality and Spring annotation-based configuration to Alfresco.

Project creating the amp needed in Alfresco to connect to the remote jodconverter

Alfred Telemetry integrates Alfresco and Micrometer, enabling flexible metrics collection for Alfresco Content Services.

Xenit Initializr is a quickstart generator to bootstrap your Alfresco projects.

It integrates Alfresco with Zipkin, a distributed tracing system, that gathers timing data to troubleshoot latency problems.