Zia Consulting Announces Xenit Solutions Partnership to Help Customers Better Engage with Alfresco

Through the Xenit Solutions partnership, we will work together to improve upon user interface, migration, and federated search.


Zia Consulting and Xenit Solutions, a trusted and certified Alfresco partner and developer of the Alfred Suite, have partnered to bring enhanced usability and extract maximum value from the Alfresco Platform.

Founded in 2007, Xenit is driven by the need for exceptional customer delivery in the area of enterprise document management. As one of the most experienced Alfresco partners, Xenit has been awarded Best Customer Service Partner in 2013, and Fastest Growing Partner in 2016. By delivering consistent Alfresco services Xenit has built long- term relationships with their global and premium customers—some of which span over a decade. Their Alfred Suite allows customers to manage Alfresco in an intelligent and agile way through user adoption, advanced and federated search, resilient architectures, and seamless integration for security and compliance.

“Our mission is to empower Alfresco users by providing them with the right products, developed to solve challenges and unlock the real power of the platform,” said Ronny Timmermans, CEO and Co-Founder of Xenit. “It’s our mission to reach zero Alfresco downtime and 95% of query results within three seconds. We seek a select network of strong partners to deliver an exceptionally performing and resilient Alfresco platform to our joint customers, 24/7, worldwide. Zia Consulting is among the most capable partners of building such a network.”

Zia has helped hundreds of companies create next-generation content management solutions leveraging Alfresco. As a highly experienced Alfresco partner, we have received numerous awards over the last decade. We offer a variety of professional services, application integration and training to help our customers manage and connect with content anywhere. Services range from designing, customizing, implementing, and integrating content management across business applications. These services have recently expanded to include the Alfred Suite.

According to Ryan McVeigh, managing director at Zia Consulting, “Alfred provides technology that will help our customers to better utilize Alfresco in high-performance scenarios through enhanced UI, migration, and federated search. They supplement our expertise and we’re excited to bring their solutions to our Alfresco prospects and customers.”

To learn more about our partnership or these offerings, contact Zia today.