Internship 1: Frontend application design and software engineering


Xenit is an ambitious software company in Leuven. We provide our customers with a web search application: Alfred Finder. We use React, Material UI and Typescript to develop this application. We use Gradle, Jenkins, NPM, Docker and Selenium as building and testing technologies.



Together with us, You will integrate workflow functionality for our web frontend application: Alfred Finder. We provide you with all the knowledge, tools and code. We will guide and mentor you through this journey.



  • Research domain: ECM, Workflows, Alfresco, Alfred API, Alfred Finder, Alfred Workflows.
  • Research existing architecture: You will learn how to build a frontend application. You will go in depth with React, Material UI and Typescript.
  • Research requirements, user stories, customer feedback.
  • Design solution: Come up with solution. Iterate with our developer and architects over it.
  • Build solution: Build a prototype, while(prototype shows a design problem) go back to design.
  • Make your prototype product worthy at the end of your internship. You will be guided and assisted by our developers and architects.



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