Internship 4: Federated search with GraphQL


Information is everywhere and users need to query different systems, using structured information to combine relevant information. Different systems contain customer data, ERP data, documents, and as far as documents are concerned there is email, archives, cloud collaboration (google drive, office 365) and other sources. We need to bring that information together in one view and make it simple and smart (cognitive interface). Graphql is a better form of REST to make queries to a number of back-ends, and even to all of them in one query.



To implement graphql as a federated search mechanism and show that we can combine key word search (full text) with search on structured properties. We need to defined a scheme to search for documents, email and content in a generic way and to implement that towards a number of back-ends. Alfresco, an open source content management system, is our core technology and we can automate the creation of a graphql interface to Alfresco.



  • install a graphql server
  • implement graphql for Alfresco
  • defined a common query schema for multiple sources
  • implement the query schema for google drive
  • if time allows .. implement schema for office 365


What Xenit offers:

  • You will get the opportunity to learn and develop great things as part of an inspiring team
  • You will get a great introduction in Alfresco, the largest open source ECM
  • Happy at Xenit? You will get the opportunity to do more work with us afterwards!

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