Internship 2: DevOps & Grafana 4 for automated SLA reporting


To automate monitoring and SLA reporting in high criticla production systems, we use latest devops technology. The target is to achieve 99.9 % avalilability and pro-active monitoring. With Grafana 4 (, we can simplify and reduce a number of components in our monitoring system (cabot, alerta), make an integrated monitoring environement and automate SLA reporting (via markdown and text processing).



You learn how we use docker to package applications and how we deploy and monitor the containers. You will build a container with the newest grafana version, and adapt and simplify our monitoring. Necerssary integrations will be provided, i.e. with log output systems.The docker with the new and modern Grafana (and graphite database) will be part of XeniT’s monitoring stack.



  • installation of a dockerized version of grafana4
  • configurable tool to add alerts via API
  • grafana2alerta module
  • tune and configure Grafana
  • Improve automated SLA reporting (in markdown) by integrating with Grafana


What Xenit offers:

  • You will get the opportunity to learn and develop great things as part of an inspiring team
  • You will get a great introduction in Alfresco, the largest open source ECM
  • Happy at Xenit? You will get the opportunity to do more work with us afterwards!

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