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Make your documents smart with Xenit’s integrated business solutions. Powered by the Alfresco Platform and partners Swarm and Connexas we deliver a complete Digital Transformation solution to fit your needs.

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Connect Alfresco to SAP

Connexas, the only certified SAP and Alfresco product on the market, lets you move SAP documents to Alfresco.

Get massive scale management of files

The Swarm-Alfresco integration lets you store millions of documents and retrieve them using standard Alfresco interfaces.

Get the expertise to integrate these solutions into your business

XeniT, powered by Alfresco Platform, can create customized ECM solutions for you.


Alfresco Digital Business Platform
The Alfresco Digital Business Platform lets IT quickly develop modern, engaging solutions that accelerate the flow of business. The open, modular platform is easy to build on, integrate and extend for fast time to value and true digital transformation.
Alfresco Digital Business Platform
Swarm - The Cloud & Object Storage Platform
Swarm provides a platform for data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. You no longer need to migrate data into disparate solutions for long-term preservation, delivery and analysis. Consolidate all files on Swarm, find the data you are looking for quickly, and reduce total cost of ownership by continuously evolving hardware and optimizing use of your resources.
Swarm - The Cloud & Object Storage Platform
Connexas - Linking Alfresco with SAP
Connexas enables you to connect the open-source ECM system Alfresco with the worlds leading soft standards to interact between both systems.
Connexas - Linking Alfresco with SAP

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Ready to have a successful digital transformation?

Companies like P&V, Ethias and SWM have already done so. Let us show you what XeniT can do for you. Request a demo or contact us for more information.

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