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As companies have transformed themselves with digital technologies, people are calling on governments to follow suit. Governments are continually under pressure to deliver greater value to their citizens, businesses and communities.


From tax assessments to education to public transit, government services are required to manage a massive amount of documents and information.


Exactly what information are you storing? At what cost? How fast is the amount of data growing within the organization? Can users easily find the documents they need to do their jobs? How can you securely share data with other agencies? Is personal information on staff and citizens stored safely?

digital government transformation Alfresco

State and local governments are investing in Content and Process Service platform solutions, such as Alfresco, to transform their operations from a paper-based environment to an electronic environment.


Case Management

Alfresco's integrated, enterprise approach to case management empowers government employees to be more productive and responsive, while also advancing compliance, collaboration and consistency.

digital case management

Finding and Retrieving Information

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last?
With Alfred Finder we made the search a simple and rewarding experience.

retrieve documents in Alfresco

Data Security & Compliance

It's important to keep your content safe while making sure everyone in your company has access to the files and information they need. Intelligent security classification automatically secures government files and records and as they're created, shared and routed through an end-to-end government process.

records management government

Records Management and Archiving

It's challenging for any organization to meet today's increasingly stringent information governance and industry regulatory compliance requeirements.
Though Alfred Archive you can manage the entire lifecycle stage of your documents, from the initial archiving to the final destructions.

government legal archive

Alfresco helps governments do more with less by phasing out paper, streamlining business processes, and leveraging the power of open source and cloud technologies. Agencies at all tiers of government use Alfresco to modernize operations, work smarter and more collaboratively, and achieve breakthrough efficiency.


Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
and Increasing Scalability with
Xenit and Alfresco’s Modern Digital Business Platform

Ethias is the third-largest insurer in Belgium, employing around 1,800 people with 2 main headquarters in Liege and Hasselt and more than 40 regional offices across Belgium.

- Benoit Vard

USG People Belgium
Increase Productivity and Collaboration
with Alfresco, Xenit and Amazon Web Services

USG People is a specialized provider of staffing and employment services for all Recruit Global Staffing, part of Recruit Group, one of the largest HR services providers in the world.

- Luc Buntinx

Real-time content streams at P&V:
the Alfresco foundation architecture for
integrated full digital insurance processes

P&V is a leading Belgian cooperative insurance company with over a century of history,  focused on the Belgian market ranking 5th and 6th depending of business lines. The company is active in most lines of business, both for retail and for corporates.



Enable Digital and Automate Processes
Find What you Need Instantly and Faster Decisions
Access Content and Share it in a Secure Way
Digital Collaboration with Citizens
Digital Signature and Legal Archive
Security and Compliance
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