Moving to paperless projects with Alfred to deliver better and fast outcomes



Infrastructures such as buildings, transportation, power plants generate significant amount of information and documents. From design, construction and handover to operations, the number of assets that need to be documented, exchanged and referenced is enormous.

The pressure to improve the way how to product and engineering information is growing constantly, as engineering team need to collaborate, across different countries, on new design and projects.

Process digitization means moving away from paper and toward online, real-time sharing of information to ensure transparency and collaboration, timely progress and risk assessment, quality control and, eventually, better and more reliable outcomes.

This is why the Digital Platform Alfresco plays a vital role in engineering and infrastructure future.


Engineering Document Management

Uploading documents, tracking changes to them, and recording all decisions made about their content.

Whether you need to share documents and drawings with your colleagues or suppliers, Alfred Desktop keeps everything organized and safe.

Alfred Desktop Alfresco user interface

Finding and Retrieving Information

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last?

With Alfred Finder we made the search a simple and rewarding experience.

retrieving documents Alfresco

Quality Control

Up-to-date versions, workflow and compliance, through metadata based access control.

Alfresco automates workflows like plan, specification and engineering drawing approvals. Alfred Desktop, as user interface, creates and modifies content or metadata.

Alfresco user interface

Seamless Integration

Alfresco integrates with ERP systems or engineering tools (e.g. SAP, Auto CAD) to ensure that those working in engineering, manufacturing, the plant floor, shipping and finance can all access the same information (e.g., invoices, orders, materials, DRAWINGS).

integration Alfresco

Content Hosting Solution

Enterprises need to grow and manage their infrastructures rapidly and efficiently while simultaneously optimizing and managing capital costs and expenses.

Alfred Hosting meets this needs by providing an infrastructure as well as services that simplify managing infrastructure, storage, and databases.

records management and archive Alfresco

Records Management and Archiving

It's challenging for any organization to meet today's increasingly stringent information governance and industry regulatory compliance requirements.

Though Alfred Archive you can manage the entire life-cycle stage of your documents, from the initial archiving to the final destruction.

Alfresco archiving solution

Want to deploy your Alfresco with us?

"The combination of Alfred Desktop and Alfresco is our default solution for custom document management solutions for five years now. Not only are small solutions set up in a very fast way - but also do we now have a large toolbox to enhance solutions in an evolutionary way."

- Simon Rittsteiger | Stadtwerke Munchen


Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
and Increasing Scalability with
Xenit and Alfresco’s Modern Digital Business Platform

Ethias is the third-largest insurer in Belgium, employing around 1,800 people with 2 main headquarters in Liege and Hasselt and more than 40 regional offices across Belgium.

- Benoit Vard

USG People Belgium
Increase Productivity and Collaboration
with Alfresco, Xenit and Amazon Web Services

USG People is a specialized provider of staffing and employment services for all Recruit Global Staffing, part of Recruit Group, one of the largest HR services providers in the world.

- Luc Buntinx

Real-time content streams at P&V:
the Alfresco foundation architecture for
integrated full digital insurance processes

P&V is a leading Belgian cooperative insurance company with over a century of history,  focused on the Belgian market ranking 5th and 6th depending of business lines. The company is active in most lines of business, both for retail and for corporates.