General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A Solution to Manage your Unstructured Data

Several companies may be well on the way to define how to handle GDPR compliance for structured data. But many companies still haven't come up with a good way to handle GDPR compliance for unstructured data like emails, documents, spreadsheet, listing.

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Structured Data vs Unstructured Data

Structured Data

  • Stored in databases
  • Accessed through Applications
  • More Control = Easier to Protect

Unstructured Data

  • In Documents and Files
  • Stored on Local or Network Drives / Cloud / USB Keys etc.
  • Easily Copied and Distributed
  • Less Control = More Difficult to Protect

A practical demo for securing your documents

A case study about DPA (data processing agreement)

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“GDPR will touch every department, every function and every operation inside your organisation. It will not only change the way you manage information, it will change the way people behave.”

“Did you know that most data breaches reported are related to unstructured data? Documents, spreadsheets, mails and even paper files? Without a clear focus on documents, companies can’t claim adequate protection of personal data.”

Governance has always been a concern of Xenit and a particular strength of Alfresco. GDPR makes us more aware that data are valuable assets, with privacy and sensitivity implications for every individual we interact within our corporate environment. Building upon the enterprise capabilities of Alfresco and leveraging our Alfred products, data protection comes by design and not as an afterthought.

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