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Use XeniT’s experience in extending Alfresco to find relevant information in an ocean of data – Smart searches – powered by Alfresco and leveraged by Solr and the Alfred Portfolio. Don’t do it alone.

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Perform Browser Searches

We extend Alfresco’s search ability by giving you intelligent user interfaces making navigation easier, searches faster, and Alfresco a tool your users will use.

Perform Search Engine Searches

We leverage Solr to give you the ability to distribute large archives evenly across multiple serves, resulting in scalability and high performance.


Provides Flexibility
Your developers can meet their needs by creating their own custom dashboard design and embedding it into their own custom web application or other 3rd party applications. Users can take control of their searches.
Provides Flexibility
Lets You Work on a Large Scale
You’ll achieve high scalability and optimized performance with large archives by using XeniT’s expertise. Our experience with sharding and performance tuning lets us create customized solutions for you.
Lets You Work on a Large Scale
Saves Future Costs
You’ll benefit from our ability to estimate the costs of what you’ll need as you grow and help you design a solution that scales with your growth to decrease these costs.
Saves Future Costs

Customers that have entrusted XeniT on enhancing their Alfresco Search capabilities

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