Increase Productivity and Collaboration with Xenit, Alfresco and Amazon Web Services

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Increase productivity and collaboration

Increase productivity and collaboration

Usg People is a specialized provider of staffing and employment services for all Recruit Global Staffing, part of Recruit Group, one of the largest HR services providers in the world. Therefore, the network of USG People Belgium hires more than 100,000 people every day in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


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  • Millions of documents without control (contracts, payroll, billing….)
  • Managing documents across 200 different offices
  • Physically shipping documents that required signatures to various local offices upon request


  • Usg People Belgium chose Alfresco based on its open architecture, functionality, ease of use and experienced and established partner community.
  • Xenit, though Alfred Inflow, facilitated the migration from Usg People legacy systems


  • Overall productivity and collaboration has increased


There was a lot of pollution. Due to this, users often had trouble finding the documents they needed and in other cases, even when they could find a document, there would be several versions. As a result, the information could not always be trusted.

The Challenges

A global leader in HR staffing, USG People Belgium manages a lot of documents in

its day-to-day operations, which include on boarding, contracting, payroll, billing and much more.

In addition to the thousands of documents generated in-house by the employment process,

employee collect, manage and archive hundreds of thousands of legal and other documents.


Before adopting Alfresco, USG People Belgium had no enterprise content management solution

in place and struggled to manage all of these documents across its 100 to 200 offices.

Therefore, without a central content repository, there was little to no version control and documents

were floating around the organization on various local hard drives and in shared network folders.

Increase productivity and collaboration

Because some paper documents were only available in the head office, those that required

signatures sometimes had to be physically shipped to various local offices upon request.

However, this practice was expensive and many times, finding the most updated version

of a requested document was impossible.

Consequently, the company needed an enterprise content management solution to improve

the way its content was being managed and accessed across the entire organization.

USG People Belgium chose Xenit and Alfresco based on an open architecture, functionality and experienced and established partners community.

The Solution

Alfresco, the Digital Business Platform, was integrated with a customized front office

application through the Alfresco API in the early stage.

Increase productivity and collaboration

Later on, they adopted also Alfred API, an API provided by Xenit, a trusted Alfresco partner.

Xenit then helped to migrate all of the company’s business critical documents into one central,

customized repository. The bulk import included metadata to improve searching.


Above all, the migration from our legacy systems was facilitated by Xenit and their product Alfred Inflow

and completed in phases,” said Buntinx. “It took two months to migrate all of the relevant information,

which included about 2.5 million documents.

We could not have done it without Xenit and their expertise.


Today, 7 million documents are managed by Xenit, with 1 million documents being added annually.

Alfred Ops, which is an open source tool set, provided by Xenit, allows a proactive monitoring

of the availability and performance of Alfresco. It also is able to detect and

fix any potential issue, without impacting the customer daily activities.

Xenit and Alfresco at the core of the Digital Transformation

Alfresco serves as a central document repository and it manages and archives

all business-critical documents such as personal identification information, CVS,

salary slips, invoices and more.


As a results, users are able to quickly and easily find the documents they need and can trust that the

information is correct and current. Above all, end user adoption was immediate and

the feedback has been very positive.



USG People likes to develop a number of partnerships with suppliers that are able to grow along with our needs and market situation. Xenit fits right into this strategy. They bring in the technical expertise we lack, deliver managed services that we can rely on, and advise us in what steps to consider.

Luc Buntinx , IT Delivery Manager, Usg People Belgium

Since implementing Alfresco, overall productivity and collaboration has increased because everything is now in one central location and users can access the information they need with a single click.

The Results

In alignment with USG People Belgium’s corporate strategy to move to the cloud, the Alfresco platform was

migrated to Amazon Web Services in 2016.

Xenit and Alfresco also help USG People Belgium comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

(GDPR), which regulates the storage of private and confidential data.

Increase productivity and collaboration

“We wanted the pollution to stop and needed one version of the truth, which is something that was

achieved just days after implementing Alfresco. Now, users can find the documents they need

fast and they can trust the information,” said Buntinx.

Increase productivity and collaboration

“The best way to describe the value of Alfresco is this: a few years ago, we migrated from

our old world to this new Alfresco world and I don’ t think you can find anyone in the

organization who wants to go back. Everyone is very happy with their experience.”

Finally, Xenit provides 99.9 % high availability of Alfresco.

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