Wasting time searching for documents

Workers takes up to 8 attempts to find the right document and information and 1/3 of us spend between 5-25 minutes searching, every time we want to find a document. Documents are on shared drives, emails, different and multiple ECM or portable devices. Employees struggle to find what they are searching for, decreasing their productivity and increasing their inefficiency.


Alfred Desktop & Alfred Finder

With Alfred Desktop and Alfred Finder, Xenit extends Alfresco’s search ability by developing intelligent user interfaces, making navigation easier and searches faster. We leverage Solr to give you the ability to distribute large archives across multiple serves, resulting in scalability and high performance. Our products have been built with the mission to get results in less than 3 seconds. Read more

USG People stopped searching and started finding documents. In less than 3 seconds, employees find the documents in a 10+ million repository using Alfred Finder, a dynamic search user interface.


Content Chaos

There's a need for organizations to control access to unstructured corporate data such as spreadsheets, documents, presentations, blueprints, or any data stored on file servers.
If your information is disorganized, misfiled, or plainly lost, you can't use the information you worked so hard to obtain. Because it is often difficult to access, unstructured data can be a liability in the event of an audit lawsuit.


Alfred and Alfresco

By adopting our solutions, you will be able to avoid duplication of documents, managed in different places without any control. With Alfresco, the Digital Content service platform, once unstructured data is stored in a centralized repository, it becomes easily searchable. Alfresco is a controlled environment to take your documents under control. When unstructured data is accessible, searchable, available and relevant, it is transformed into information that an organization can use to make better decisions, respond to client requests and ensure transparency . Together with Alfresco, Alfred is a controlled environment to take your documents under control. Read more

For the new headquarter building BNP Paribas Fortis exchanges all plans and communication with the architects, engineering companies and the entrepreneurs via an Alfresco Content Management platform, limiting the risk of liability due to incorrect communication.


No optimized document processes

With so much content to process, managers need to be able to configure access rights and track changes to content. Work groups can't rely on document naming conventions to track versions, as documents are changed by multiple team members. Groups need automatic and intuitive document versioning tools that track changes and allow team members to easily identify the appropriate version of a given set of information.


Alfred Suite

Alfresco and Alfred optimize your processes by driving efficiency and eliminating wasted time. Our platform can help you in automate and manage your structured process, consolidate your unstructured content in semi-structured, facilitate your case management. By adopting our solutions, you will be able to have a 360 degree view of all data and relevant information. Read more

Using Alfred Desktop, Stadwerke Munchen turned its paper construction file for managing the distribution network infrastructure and the new connections of houses and companies into a full digital process across project, financial and administration departments.


Low user adoption

To cope with overwhelming increases in documents, emails, and other communications, more and more organizations are embracing a structured, centralized approach, such as a Content Service Platforms. Unfortunately, companies still struggle with broad user adoption. In implementing Content Services technology we fundamentally change the way an individual or group does their job.


100% User Adoption with Alfred Desktop

User adoption is at the core of the ROI (return of investment). User adoption is broadly affected by issues of accessibility and experience. This is why Xenit invests in building products that are extremely user friendly, quickly to implement and easy to use. Read more

Alfred Desktop brings the power of Alfresco right to the desktop of the 4000 + users of Trafigura in over 50 countries allowing intensive drag & drop, blitz navigation and dynamic searches in seconds, all over the world.


High and hidden operational costs

One employee can waste up to 10 hours a month on documents inefficiencies. Working on incorrect or outdated files, wasting time looking for the right version, generating duplication, those behaviors decrease dramatically the productivity and increase the operational costs.


Alfred Products

This is one of the biggest challenge companies are facing. Alfresco creates the right environment, making information easily accessible, meeting excellent standard of customers services and defining the right rules and structure. Xenit develops products and solutions on top of Alfresco to reduce costs, by simplifying and speeding up the document process. Read more

Alfresco helped Aquafin grow into a process driven organization avoiding hidden risks and costs, managing over 1000 + projects each year, ~5000 km of sewage pipes and ~1500 pomp and water treatment stations in a knowledge and an asset management base.


No security and no compliance with the regulations

Regulations are becoming more restrictive and companies have to comply with all of them. Companies have to make sensitive information available not only on internal networks but also to people outside of corporate control. Security solutions are crucial in order to avoid potential fines or lawsuits.


Alfred GDPR

Xenit implements best of class industry standards to ensure compliant regulative across the organization.
Alfred GDPR solution helps companies in managing unstructured data under the regulation, by detecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in documents, tagging documents containing different types of Personal Data, and monitoring and controlling the access, based on roles. Read more

P&V Insurance strictly secures HR’s files and medical files from non authorized access while ensuring the long term archiving of the +70M documents to comply with national and European regulations using Alfred Edge, an extra security shield and Alfred Finder, a dynamic search UI.

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