Arender Document Viewer

Arondor is the creator of Arender, a document viewer with advanced functionalities for viewing, comparing, and annotating documents inside of your Alfresco repository.

ARender is a full web application supporting any document format such as PDF, Office, 300+ image formats, Zip, CAD, Video&Audio, etc… Access to ARender can be made through any mobile device as long as it can support a browser. Content is viewed expeditiously (250ms av.) grace to our streaming-centric technology. No downloading is needed on the client workstation. It allows customers bandwidth savings and document opening time savings.


Support All Browsers

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ARender, the multi-function viewer

The viewer ARender can open any type of documents. It fits perfectly to any type of screen, from a mobile phone to the largest computer screens for a better

Any Document

  • View PDF files
  • 300+image formats
  • All versions of Microsoft
  • Office documents
  • E-mails
  • Zip files

Any Device

  • 100% HTML5
  • Supports all browser
  • Works with any device:
    Desktops, laptops
    Smartphones, tablets


  • Native Streaming feature grants
  • Very fast loading times
  • Large sets of documents
  • No startup time
  • No application download required