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Alfred Ops delivers system and application monitoring for running and
optimizing Alfresco Enterprise Content Management platform.
Alfred Ops measures parameters such as the availability of Alfresco, CPU usage and the relevant information from log files.

Instantly assess the health of your content platform

When working with your team you can’t afford to be blind to issues that can affect their performance, security, or adoption.

Address urgent interventions or do proactive maintenance

Our toolkit give system administrators an easy way to reduce the overhead costs related to managing an Alfresco Repository. The toolset provides easy visibility and access to parts of Alfresco that are normally very difficult to access, like system settings and the underlying spring configuration.

Real time security

Create alerts and actions so you know what users are doing and how they’re utilizing content. If required, alerts can be sent by email in case of interruptions or performance issues. All alerts are aggregated on a dashboard at Xenit or at the customer interface.