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We provide Alfresco Solutions to let you exploit the knowledge inside your documents in a cost effective manner. We do Alfresco.

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Alfresco Enterprise Content Management provides the enterprise content management strategy you need to manage the life cycle of your content across technology, platforms and devices and, at the same time, keep it secure.

Alfresco Process Services gives you a suite of easy-to-use tools that provide powerful task management abilities, address process compliance, and make it a breeze to deploy and update critical business processes.

Alfresco Governance Services gives your information governance program an unmatched level of control and simplicity. Strengthen compliance by integrating records management into business processes and automating the record life-cycle.

Simple, Smart, and Swift Solutions for all your Users

Alfresco and Alfred Solve Your Problems

Decreases Human Error

There’s almost no user intervention involved in applying information governance polices. Alfresco’s automated record declaration takes care of it for you.

Decreases Operational Costs

A modern solution lowers your operational costs through the ease of implementation and integration with your current systems.

Optimizes Workflow

Content and process work hand-in- hand to optimize your workflow. Optimize the way you work by choosing to work online or offline when you are out of the office.

Provides Security and Scales

Alfresco Content Services provides the scalability and security needed to manage an increasing number of users and millions & billions of critical documents.

Consulting (Design)
During the design of your Alfresco Action plan, we help design your Enterprise Content Management project by:
  • Setting your project goals and prioritize milestones;
  • Designing your technical architecture;
  • Prioritizing key areas and build a phased pragmatic approach
Construction (Build)
XeniT provides options to build up the ECM knowledge and assists in introducing best practices. Choose between a low-cost Jump Start, an Exploration Prototype or a Full Scale Deployment with a special focus on ensuring a high user adoption rate.
Continuity in Operations (Run)
Your digital transformation continues after the deployment of your system. You’ll receive our support and involvement including:
  • SLA based issue resolution;
  • periodic evaluation;
  • continuous tuning and evolution towards a higher level of document management.
Ready to have a successful digital transformation?

Companies like P&V, Ethias and MNT have already done so. Let us show you what XeniT can do for you. Request a demo or contact us for more information.

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