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Fully integrated in the Alfresco Digital Platform, Alfred is a blueprint content services architecture with prefabricated components to build, run and evolve high performance activities and archiving content services.

Wherever you deploy, on premise, hybrid or cloud native, Alfred guarantees performance, availability and full tracing of all incoming out outgoing traffic (internet, document streams) into the Alfresco Digital Platform.


Reducing Operational
and Maintenance Cost

Many Alfresco administrators struggle with upgrading Alfresco systems, because they are tightly coupled with different integrations and third-party systems.

Alfred “as-an-architecture” decouples your content services architecture by introducing a single point of access to Alfresco, isolating upgrades from applications evolution, supporting the principle of semantic versioning. We deliver backward compatibility (Alfresco 4.X, 5.X, 6.X), integration with Alfresco’s API and controlled versioning.

Boosting Alfresco
Availability and Visibility

Through our platform Alfred, you will enjoy 99.9 % availability in cluster architectures. By decoupling Alfresco from its input and output streams, Alfred ensures that Alfresco is never out of resources.

Alfred provides extensive and pro-active monitoring, we detect patterns in usage to increase predictive maintenance and up-time.

Enforcing Information Governance

The right information at the right moment to the right people. We package best practices in document model and automation to enforce governance in Alfresco. Alfred includes a single point to manage policies, for internet versus intranet usage, protecting business data and privacy (audit trails, authentication, file encryption, metadata-driven automatic permissions…).

Alfred API bundles a meta-data-based access control module, simplifying additional security needs, complying with GDPR and internal governance.

Improving Quality of Services and Performance

Alfred helps you improve your performance by boosting interactions with your Alfresco Content Services. The solution optimizes large and frequent document migration in a controlled and secure way and delivering high-performance query results, improving Alfresco stability and increasing productivity.

Accelerating User Adoption and Clarity

Simple and innovative interfaces (desktop and web applications), with advanced search capabilities and integrations with Google Drive, Guidewire, SAP and companies business applications.

Customers can choose Alfresco Digital Workplace for generic use cases, and leverage our Alfred Finder for advanced search queries.

Increasing Customer and Business Satisfaction

Alfred is a managed service, and it comes with software components to regulate incoming and out-flowing documents into Alfresco. Flexible service level agreements with full support and maintenance and long term monitoring and auditing to lower down companies total costs of ownership (TCO).

Reaching Security and Compliance

Nowadays, secure storage, rigorous access control and privacy protection are no longer optional. Alfred creates a smooth path to compliance, with a well-tuned document model and out-of the box features to protect your digital assets.



Every organization has its special needs. That's why we offer different plans for your business as well. Learn more about our simple and flexible pricing options.

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Graphical User Interfaces & Business Applications

The user experience is paramount in the choice and adoption of Alfresco and any Content Service Platform. Companies have different needs and the integration with their own business applications is also fundamental.

Alfred includes two user interfaces for Alfresco, for desktop (Alfred Desktop) or web users (Alfred Finder) and the integration with other applications.

  • Drag and drop functionalities, versioning, full metadata support, preview, workflows, permission based access control
  • Advanced search capabilities (type-ahead suggestions, AND/OR filters..), leveraging Apache Solr technology
  • Outlook, Google Drive, Guidewire and many other integrations
  • Alfresco Community and Alfresco Enterprise support and compatibility

Open set of APIs (Intelligent Integration Layer)

We deliver backwards compatibility (Alfresco 4.X, 5.X, 6.X), integration with Alfresco’s API and controlled versioning. Alfred integrates an open set of API’S into your Alfresco that isolates business applications development from Alfresco platform upgrades. The integration layers provides:

  • Federated searches: retrieving information from Alfresco, Google Drive and Office 365
  • Quality of Services: for real time operations and high speed documents migrations
  • API governance: protecting business data and privacy (audit trails, authentication, file encryption, metadata driven automatic permissions…)

Alfred Monitoring

Alfred Ops is the monitoring system of Alfred, which delivers system and application monitoring for running and optimizing Alfresco enterprise installations. It applies a strategy of logging, metrics and tracing to support high availability, performance and security.

Additionally the monitoring system has a set of service routines to

  • Correct data and configuration errors
  • Gain additional insight into Alfresco operation

Alfred Storage

Beyond 10 million documents, file and block storage are impractical to scale. Alfred integrates Alfresco with Caringo Swarm, an S3 object storage, through a connector. The integration enables documents to simply be stored in, and retrieved from Swarm using the standard Alfresco interfaces.

With Alfred Object Storage connector, you can:

  • Secure your content with multi-data center DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • Define your versioning policy to avoid greedy and complex multi-tier back-up strategies
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