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Out of the box products to enhance your Alfresco

As trusted and certified Alfresco partners, our mission is to empower Alfresco users, by providing them with the right products, developed to solve challenges and unlock the real power of Alfresco.

User interfaces

Xenit offers Windows desktop native and web user interfaces for Alfresco, to accelerate user adoption.

APIs set

We deliver backward (Alfresco 4.X, 5.X, 6.X), integration with Alfresco’s API, and versioning.

Monitoring Suite

The monitoring system offers a complete and transparent overview and reporting of the Alfresco performance


Alfresco repository turns into a legal archive for large-scale, legally compliant, cost-effective and long-term guaranteed retention.


Alfred Desktop & Finder

Graphical User Interfaces & Business Applications

The user experience is paramount in the choice and adoption of Alfresco and any Content Service Platform.

Alfred includes two user interfaces for Alfresco, for desktop (Alfred Desktop) or web users (Alfred Finder) and the integration with other applications.

  • Drag and drop functionalities, versioning, full metadata support, preview, workflows, permission-based access control
  • Advanced search capabilities (type-ahead suggestions, AND/OR filters..), leveraging Apache SoIr technology
  • Outlook, Google Drive, Guidewire, and many other integrations
  • Alfresco Community and Alfresco Enterprise support and compatibility
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Alfred Edge API

Intelligent Integration Layer

We deliver backward compatibility (Alfresco 4.X, 5.X 6.X), integration with Alfresco’s API, and versioning. Alfred integrates an open set of APIs into your Alfresco that isolates business applications development from Alfresco platform upgrades. The integration layers provide:

  • Federated searches: retrieving information from Alfresco, Google Drive, and Office 365
  • Quality of Services: for real-time operations and high-speed documents migrations
  • API governance: protecting business data and privacy (audit trails, authentication, file encryption, metadata-driven automatic permissions…)
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Alfred Inflow

Alfred Inflow is a solution to migrate documents at high speed into Alfresco. You can use Alfred Inflow for one-time migrations or for a continuous stream of documents.

Alfred Inflow lets you receive detailed reports via email on loaded and failed documents and gives you the capability to inspect failed documents so you can solve the problem.

You can use Alfred Inflow for one-time migrations or the continuous stream of documents. It effortlessly handles the loading of large batches of files and, at the same time, knows how to load from different sources

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Alfred Ops Monitoring Suite

Alfred Ops is the monitoring system of Alfred, which delivers system and application monitoring for running and optimizing Alfresco enterprise installations. It applies a strategy of logging, metrics and tracing to support high availability, performance and security.

Additionally, the monitoring system has a set of service routines to:

  • Correct data and configuration errors
  • Gain additional insight into Alfresco operation
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Alfred Object Storage

Beyond 10 million documents, file and block storage are impractical to scale. Alfred integrates Alfresco with Caringo Swarm, S3 object storage, through a connector. The integration enables documents to simply be stored in, and retrieved from Swarm using the standard Alfresco interfaces.

With the Alfred Object Storage connector, you can:

  • Secure your content with multi-datacenter DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • Define your versioning policy to avoid greedy and complex multi-tier backup strategies
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