Make your content migration swift with Alfred Inflow

Alfred Inflow is a solution to migrate documents at high speed into Alfresco, in a non-intrusive, scheduled and configurable manner.

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You can use Alfred Inflow for one-time migrations or the continuous stream of documents. It effortlessly handles the loading of large batches of files and, at the same time, knows how to load from different sources simultaneously. All of its functionalities -from creating, editing, running jobs to managing the configuration- are done to let you achieve one thing: uploading documents faster in a controlled and secure way.

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Powered by the Alfresco Platform, Leveraged with Alfred Inflow, XeniT Solves Your Problems

Minimizes your Risks

Alfred Inflow offers you a proven and tested approach to manage all types of migration project and handle huge amounts of documents. The reporting tool lets you respond to any problems and minimizes the possibility of overloading your Alfresco.

Save Time

Depending on the complexity of the load exercise and the performance of your Alfresco platform, load speeds of up to 100-200 docs/sec in Alfresco can be achieved and maintained for hours at a time. Plus the user friendly dashboard speeds up your configuration of data-flow streams.

Increase Productivity

Administrators are able to help your users in other ways instead of spending time managing the migration of documents. Now you have the possibility to assign roles and enable your team to view the progress of your migration projects in Alfresco in a user-friendly way.

Decrease Costs

You only need one platform. Alfred Inflow handles large-scale migrations from your legacy content system to Alfresco. And now you’ll finally be able to save money on storage with ingesting scanning.

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